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3 min readMar 17, 2022


Cryptocurrency seems to have the world completely entranced nowadays. Everyone is trying to get in on the action, but while it may be very tempting, diving head first into the volatile crypto market can be super risky. This is where Chattlechain Proclass comes to play, a community where investors can have access to research insights and resources, technical analysis, and a guide to determining a good crypto investment.

It’s not easy to determine the future value of an investment, which is why
there is a lot that goes into our research process. Read below to learn how we go about our research and find new innovative and profitable opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.


The research process is a pairing of both years of experience and new information. Through the research team’s experience, we are able to detect which new innovations are likely to catch traction and provide massive ROIs.
The team then delivers a concise report that weighs the pros and cons and discusses the important details. This pairing-down of information into an easily understood format is what saves you time by diving into the minds of seasoned traders and investors. The research process itself is completed by an entire team and each subject is covered by a particular person that deep-dives into that area. There is also potential for team brainstorming sessions. We start by looking for unique innovations on top of existing products in other industries and not just a
decentralized copy. The most important aspect is an asset’s economic model, as without one it is valueless. We then look at whitepapers, the opinions from the project’s community, as well as their blog, which often conveys information not found elsewhere.

Our Free Telegram channel gives you.

  • Free access to Crypto Signals.
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These are useful information, our Proclass offer more for as low as $50, which includes access to all our premium blog posts, access to our team of expert researchers whenever you like asking them questions at your will, and getting into the mind of people who live and breathe crypto. With the free class on telegram, you won’t be able to join the conversation, while in the Proclass, you can contribute and get access to all we offer;

  • Access to our Portfolio, browse our portfolio and understand why we hold what we hold! Study our rating guide where we rate coins on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.
  • Access to our crypto courses
  • Learn about NFTs and see the NFTs we are minting.
  • Up to 5 Accurate signals Daily
  • Daily Technical Analysis and Trading tips
  • Join the conversation and meet other traders and investors.
  • Interact with our experts, ask questions and get real time answers.
  • Get access to all blog posts.


With everything that goes into our research process, it’s essentially impossible to try and replicate it by yourself. Even if you were to hire your own team of researchers to do this process for you, it would cost thousands if not tens of thousands for the same information you’d get with Chattlechain Pro Class.

Join Chattlechain Proclass and Start making research-backed decisions!

N/B; No financial advice, every information we give is from hours of skillful research.




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